What is Inner Demon?
Inner Demon is a 2.5D Puzzle Platformer based in Neo-Tokyo. Started by students in the same internship program this past summer, the project has continued development. Inner Demon is currently being built only for PC and Mac.
The Story
In Inner Demon, you play as a boy who is constantly bullied and picked on by cyberpunk gangs. As you are walking home from school one day, you are cornered by these bullies and try to escape. In your panic, you interact with a mysterious object, and as such, gain the ability to fight as a demon. Players must balance the skills of the boy and demon to make their way through the game, all without losing themselves to their inner demon.
The Team
Inner Demon was started in June 2019 with a team of 5 developers from Becker College. Since then the team has changed and grown.
- Producer and Lead Artist: Trent Gallant
- Associate Producer and Environment Artist: Chloe Tibets
- Lead Programmer: James Rankin
- Programmer: Andrew Vaillancourt
- Programmer: Justin Gaborit
- QA & Narrative Designer: Robby Williams
- Game and Level Designer: Demmy Mangusso
- Game and Level Designer: Sean Wolstenholme
- Lighting Artist: Ryan Casey
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